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Badlands Tour
Badlands Tour - 12 Minutes - $110 per person

Sit back and enjoy the panoramic views of two of the most famous canyons in the Badlands. This tour gives you a stunning bird’s eye view of the best features of both the Horsethief and Horseshoe Canyon.

Horsethief Canyon, located on the on the east bank of the Red Deer River, derives its name from the horses reported to have been hidden in the canyon a century ago while being smuggled between the United States and Alberta. At this Canyon, erosion by water and wind over millennia has carved capped hoodoo pillars and other geological wonders that define our distinctive Badlands terrain.

Horseshoe Canyon, a glacier-carved “U” surrounded by golden prairie, offers an introduction to Alberta’s dramatic Badlands. The canyon’s horseshoe shape is defined by two coulees that drain into a tributary of the Red Deer River. This geological wonder has ‘lent’ its name to our province’s distinctive Horseshoe Canyon Formation that is comprised of mudstone, sandstone, shale, coal seams and many dinosaur bone deposits.

Please call (403) 823-7352 to make a reservation or use the “Request Online” button above.

Children under 12 – $90.00